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12 Inch Sweet Dreams Baby Reborn Essentials Baby Onesie Gift Set

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Sweet Dreams Baby Essentials GIFT SET for 12 Inch Mini Baby!!!
This is your one stop shop to everything you need in one cute put together basket! The gift set has 7 items included and especially designed for our 12 Inch Mini Babies. Everything in this set is homemade with natural and organic products that are good for both you and baby. 


* Clothes Set( including 1x Baby Hat, 1x Baby Onesie and a Pair of Socks)

* 1x Cute Cuddle Bear

* 1x Pacifier

* 1x Feeding Bottle

* 1x Baby Blanket

Attention: The Doll in the picture would be not sent with the gift set, if you adore this baby doll, you could see more details in our reborn baby collections like our adorable saskia, smile baby april and cute twin A~

Come and take this sweetie dreaming reborn baby gift set with you 🎁🥰