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20'' Handsome Josue Reborn Baby Doll Girl Toy

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The scent of the baby comes from the cloth material, non-toxic and eco-friendly

Do you want to find someone to accompany your family and let them forget their annoyances? Then why don't you take?him?home? This lifelike soft baby doll who handcrafted in fine Gentle Touch cloth for the ultimate in realism, her hand and feet can movable that you can show some of your favorite poses, and her body even has the weight and suppleness of a real baby when you hold her in your arms.

Size: 20 inch / 55 cm (Head to Toe)

Gender Girl

Weight: 2500g

Material: Clothes

Hair:hand-rooted hair /Brown

Accessories: Pacifier, Bottle, Birth Certificate, clothes

Attention The doll's clothes in the picture are only used for shooting, the clothes are not in stock, so the doll's clothes will be randomly sent.